As a high school student, you may choose to follow an enriched or French-mother tongue program during your high school years or, if possible, enter a French-immersion program.

As a college student, you may wish to attend a French-language Cégep. In order to do this, you will need to take a French language placement test.  This test will help determine whether you are ready to enter college-level French classes, or whether you will need to take and pass a preparatory class during your first semester. A French-language exam is also required before receiving your college diploma (like the English exit exam you must pass in order to graduate from an English-language Cegep). This exam can also serve as an entrance test if you wish to go to university.

As an adult, you might consider expanding your French at an adult education centre. The following adult education centres are located in the Eastern Townships and offer courses in French as a second language (FSL):

New Horizons Adult Education Centre in Sherbrooke

Centre Saint-Michel in Sherbrooke
819-822-5520 ext. 2221

French courses are also available at Bishop’s University. For more information about these courses, contact their Continuing Education Department:
819-822-9670 or 1 (800) 567-2792 ext. 2670

As an immigrant, learning French is very important because of its status as the official language, the language of public life, education, work, business, trade, and culture. Proficiency in French is a key element to newcomer integration and full participation in community life.

To help you learn French, different course formulas are available depending on your needs:

For full-time, part-time and specialized courses, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion provides financial assistance under certain conditions.  For more information please follow this link