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Access to Services in English

As part of its 2012-2017 strategic plan, Townshippers’ Association takes parts in a variety of initiatives and activities with the aim to increase access to services and information in English for the minority language community in the historic Eastern Townships.

Association personnel and project coordinators are currently involved in a number of strategically coordinated initiatives with partners and stakeholders in the health and social services sector including, but not limited to:

CHEP – Community Health Education Program

Held in partnership with the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), this program provides an important service to English-speaking communities throughout the province. Through videoconferencing technology and the collaboration of regional partners, community members have access to timely information on health topics from English-speaking health professionals.

For more information on this province-wide program, click here.

CHSSN Health Passport App

Inspired by the paper version created by our colleagues at MCDC (Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation), an organization serving the English-speaking community of the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Québec, the Health Passport App was designed by the CHSSN to help you and your family keep track of essential health information.

When downloaded onto your smartphone, the Health Passport App puts all of your health information, as well as helpful words and phrases in French, at your fingertips when you visit a health clinic or an emergency room. With the ability to store information for more than one person, this app is a wonderful tool for families and caregivers alike.

You can find the CHSSN Health Passport by clicking here.


Eastern Townships Partners for Health and Social Services

Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI)

The Eastern Townships Partners for Health and Social Services is an ongoing project, begun in 2004, through which Townshippers’ Association works with the public health and social services institutions in the historical Eastern Townships to improve access to health care services in English and to sensitize our public health partners to the specific nature and needs of our minority community.

The Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) is part of a province-wide federally funded program designed to support Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities in improving and maintaining their access to the full range of Health and Social Services. Townshippers’ Association is fortunate to receive funding via the CHSSN and Health Canada to support networks and their corresponding activities in both the Estrie and Montérégie-East areas of the historical Eastern Townships region.


Community Health Promotion Projects (HPP)

The Community Health Promotion Projects Program (HPP), available through the CHSSN and funded by Health Canada, aims to improve access to activities and programs promoting health and disease prevention, by reinforcing the community sector working with the public health and social services institutions and programs in our region.


McGill Retention and Recruitment Program

McGill Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program

The objective of the McGill Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program is to address the need for professionals with English and French language skills in health and social services in selected Quebec regions. This ongoing project works with regional community networks (NPIs) to facilitate the recruitment of English-speaking (bilingual) health students and interns who wish to become permanently established in our region.

Created by the McGill University Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project, the program awards bursaries to students from selected Quebec regions (Estrie and Montérégie-East), with English and French language skills, who are pursuing full-time studies in the area of health and social services. There are two categories of awards available:

  • Category 1 is for eligible students who are studying at an institution located outside their home region. Bursary amounts are awarded based on students’ level of study with up to $10,000 at the university level and $5,000 for cégep/college and secondary school vocational training.
  • Category 2 is for eligible students who are studying at an institution located within their home region. Up to $5,000 is awarded to University level students and $2,500 for cégep/college and secondary school vocational training.

Bursary applications are usually available in the spring.  To receive the correct application form and its accompanying guide, contact Townshippers’ Community Information Coordinator, at, or call 819-566-2182 (toll-free 1-877-566-2182). For more information, visit Townshippers’ career and employment website,

Click here for photographs of the latest bursary recipients from our region, as well as a list of past recipients and links to more information on this program.


Townshippers’ Association represents the members of our historical Eastern Townships minority language community at the local, regional, provincial, and federal levels in regards to access to health and social services for in English. Association personnel and volunteers are present on a variety of decision-making boards and governance structures to ensure that stakeholders and decision-makers are well informed of and have the English-speaking community’s needs and situations in mind when developing and implementing policies and programs.

For more information on briefs and presentations the Association has made in the past, click here


Information and Referral

Documentation on various health and social topics in English is available to the community for consultation at our offices in Sherbrooke and Knowlton and can be downloaded here. Simply contact the nearest Townshippers’ Association office with your request or consult the Research and Publication sections of our website for the latest digital downloads.

Have a question about the Eastern Townships? Services in English? Where to find activities? Townshippers’ Association has an Info Databank – a comprehensive database of information for, and about, the English-speaking community in the Eastern Townships. Click here for details.